7-Strangest Thai’s instant noodle flavors

We-CloudMall peeps always love to grab quick meals during the busy hours. There are many reviews regarding the instant noodles.  In this region is deeply expertise in the making of the dried version of noodle.

However, the Thais, everyone say Mama as the instant noodles but actually there are lots more brands in the market to try out.

Mostly these flavors are a street dishes of the Thai cuisine. You can try out in almost every noodle parlour across the street in Bangkok.

1. Mama Yen-Ta-Fo Tom Yum

In Thai, it all starts with Tom Yum flavor in every instant ramens in Thailand and it is in an all time hit for this flavor. But this Tom Yum version is distinctly diverse from others, serving with the sweet red sauces soup. The soup is made from the Chinese tofu. Additionally Mama is a famous instant noodle brand, they mixes up is flavor with Seafood style. Therefore, you can feel the taste of shrimps, squids and the fried tofu.

Score : 3 / 5


It will be great for people who love a little bit of sweet ramen but for our opinion it is way too sweet. For the foreigners may like the red soup as it is quite similar to the tomatoes soup in Britain. Frankly speaking, we would recommend you to try out the Tom Yum rather then this flavor.

2. SRIRACHA RAMEN (Sriracha Flavor Stir-Fried Noodle)

Everyone loves Sriracha sauce !!! and Yes, we have seen so many cuisines put the this Sauce even the sandwiches and Hamburgers. Finally, this trend comes to the dried noodle. Creating by SamYung brand-  biggest Korean food brand, the sauce is inside the package. Be watch out the dried Korean noodle is more bigger than the Thai version. To be ready to eat, the noodle absolutely takes more time to boil.

Score : 4 / 5


It tastes not too spicy to eat. The sauce contains the sweetness inside.  We recommend you to put some sausage on top of the noodle. That can make this dish more enjoyable. We are unable to give it a full score because the noodle itself is quite huge which you may feel a little bit too thick in its flour.

3. Mama Spicy Cheese

Again, this famous Thai ramen brand produces an unusual Thais taste flavor “The Spicy Cheese”  In Asia region, especially the Korean people they are all crazy with the cheese and they put this to many cuisine just like Rips BarBQ and Kim Chi fried rice also cover with cheese. Now, There is an expansion into another food line to Instant noodle. Some Koreans brands have made this already. but then Thai manufacturer produce it in the country and sell with more affordable price because more Korean instant brand here is import and it is rather more expensive than the Thai brands. Therefore, everyone prefer the cheapest deal.

Score : 3 / 5


They call it “Spicy Cheese”!! In fact it is not spicy at all. Oh where is the chilly in it. We cannot see anything. Even though we throw all the ingredient in the small bag into the cup, it is still tasteless.  However, we give a little more mark on the noodle which is quite soft and thin. You will love the noodle alone but not this flavor. The noodle is rather different from Mama Yen-Ta-Fo TomYum

4. Mama dried spicy mixed seafood

The giant Thai’s noodle brand never gives up in making of attractive noodle flavors – this one is the dried spicy mixed seafood flavor. We may say it was originally inspired from the street dish called Pad-Kee-Mao. You can find this spicy culinery in every street food restaurant in Thailand. The ingredient is rich with the black peppers, chili, basil and the meats. However, this noodle cup is a seafood flavor, you can feel the taste of shrimps and squids in the sauce.

Score : 4 / 5


It’s okay to explore the Thai style spicy version of ramen.  Actually it is not too spicy. Frankly speaking a little bit sweetness inside the sauce though. We did not give full mark because the noodle should be a little bit softer. We would recommend you to try the Stir fired clams with roasted chili paste flavor from another brand which it is quite familiar taste but even more tasty than this one.

5. Yum Yum Suki Seafood

Everyone Love Suki Yaki or Hot Pot.  Now you can feel eating ski anywhere. Yum Yum brand has made the suki seafood comes alive in the instant ramen version.  They claimed in the over the package that This taste “Thai people like it” Oh Really ? Different people different thought about the taste I think.

Score : 3 / 5


Not even tasty as we thought. It is a little too sweet in the soup. One good thing Yum Yum also gives you a Suki Sauce to eat with the ramen. We recommend you to be healthier  please put more veggies in it when you cook one for yourself. Remembering Suki Yaki is boiled vegetable with meats or seafood.

6. Tsunami Milk Seafood

We are all stunning with the name of this flavor The Tsunami. Yes, it is the name of one to the instant noodle flavor from SueSad brand which remind all of us about the powerful tidal wave in century. Formally expertise in making instant  glass noodle, this brand moves to expand their product line to contemporary instant noodle in a cup. Looking in more detail, inside this cup do not have any ingredient bag for you to open an put on top. In fact they mix all stuff with the dried noodle which make it is easy for you to be ready to eat immediately after put the warm water. This flavor is milk Tom Yum which is more intense than the light Tom Yum version. Many people love it. We also found some small dried shrimps inside as well.

Score : 4 / 5


The package is quite more durable than other brand which mostly made from paper.  However, the cooked ingredient inside the cup may not be pleasant for some people.

Customers are more likely to prefer to open the ingredient bag and put it as mush as they like by themselves. The milky TomYum is rich of the flavor. We can smell some of the seafood gigs.

7. Stir fired clams with roasted chili paste

And yes one of the most advanced and CloudMall all time favorite is the stir fired clams with roasted chili paste from Wai Waitlist brand which this brand has been previously expertise in white thin noodle. To completely exist the dried noodle business, they put an attempt to expand to the instant ramen. This one is a dried version of instant noodle. Basically, you put the boil water to make the ramen softer for about 5 to 10 mins. Then you pull away those water to the sink. Next step, you  just open the ingredient bags and cook it thoroughly. Finally it is ready to be served. A little sweetness inside the flavor but it is still fit with the spicy and sour. This stir fired clams with roasted chili you can find this dish in local restaurants. That’s every time Thais order it, the noodle brand make it to the instant ramen version as well.

Score : 5 / 5


It is utterly delicious. Absolutely tasty. ะhe stir fired version is always believed to be oily but this one is completely perfect. Not too greasy. If you love spicy you can go for this one, we recommend it. Nevertheless, for those we want to try this one be careful your mouth will be a little bit burn.


Many times Thais people usually make an alms to monks in the morning period. They generally purchase simple food for monks and the instant noodle is always in the top choice of choosing to offer them. To get the local feeling, If you come to Thailand, please do not hesitate to check out in the convenient store and grab it for one.

Don’t you like to try some? Find out more about the products in the link below.

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